Our Story




Our story starts as most stories do - at the beginning. And at the beginning there was a mom, dad, three daughters, a dog, a bird, gerbils and fish...and books. Lots of books. Early photographs show the daughters with books or mom and dad reading to the daughters. Library cards were used regularly. Summer days were spent reading outside and winter nights were spent curled on the sofa reading. A first job was at the independent bookshop in town. The first stop on our annual Outer Banks vacation was the bookstore where we all selected our books for the week.

All three daughters continued to read as they grew and for two of the daughters the love of books became a quest to open a bookshop. As we researched bookstores and communities we decided to focus on children’s and young adult books. Our goal is to instill our love for reading to the next generation. We decided on Greensboro because Beth lived here and she knew that the love of reading and love of independent stores was strong. When looking for a retail space, we fell in love with State Street. This walkable retail community with a strong history was exactly what we were looking for to open Wonderland Bookshop. And we are located across from Vida Pour Tea - how great is that?!


Come by and introduce yourself. We can’t wait to show you our shop and introduce you to the Wonderland dogs!

Wonderdog Lulu Wonderdog Lucy Wonderdog Liesl
Lulu Lucy Liesl




Please Note: Not all books displayed on this site are available in the store. Please call the store if you are looking for a specific book.