E-Books and Audiobooks from Kobo

We’ve partnered with Kobo to bring you the best in eReading. It's easy to get started. Kobo offers over 4 million eBook titles—including best sellers, hidden gems, Indie Next List great reads, and other recommentations—that can be downloaded instantly over WiFi, making it the ultimate in convenience. Take your library with you where you go—Kobo eReaders store thousands of books. 

How Do I Get Started Buying eBooks? 

  1. Set up your Kobo account through us (all future purchases will support Wonderland Bookshop), or via your Kobo eReader. 
  2. Log in to Kobo  with your new account to browse, search for, and buy eBooks.
  3. Start reading! Download the free Kobo reading app here to read on your smartphone, computer, or tablet (You can also purchase eBooks through the app. Sign into the app with your new Kobo account, and continue to support our store.). 

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You can also buy individual Audiobooks from Kobo or you can subscribe to their Audiobooks.

Why should I subscribe to audiobooks?

An Audiobook subscription offers tremendous savings towards your favourite type of storytelling. Exchanging credits will cost you less than audiobooks’ regular listed prices. The more credits you get with your subscription plan, the more you’ll save. With the free Kobo App for Android or iOS, you’ll have everything you need: one app for all for your stories, eBooks and audiobooks together.

What’s the difference between buying an individual audiobook from the Kobo store and exchanging a credit for one as a subscriber?

To put it simply, the difference is savings.

Let's say you’re interested in an audiobook with a list price of $24.95. You can buy it from Kobo right away. But if you’re a subscriber, you can exchange your monthly credit worth $12.99 for the same book, for a savings of $11.96.

Can I listen to more than one audiobook a month?

Of course! If you’ve already exchanged a credit for an audiobook and finished listening to it, you can purchase three instant credits to top up your balance. You can also purchase the audiobook directly from our catalogue.

Am I eligible for the free 30-day trial*?

The free 30-day trial is contingent on your registration complete with payment and billing information, and your free audiobook is yours to keep, even if you cancel before the trial is complete. If you cancel and later decide to reactivate your subscription, you will not be eligible for a second 30-day trial.

Note: *Residents of Quebec are given a bonus free audiobook in their first month in place of a free 30-day trial.

Do I need to be a subscriber to purchase an audiobook?

No, you can purchase audiobooks from our catalogue the same way you would purchase an eBook from Kobo.

How many credits do I need to exchange for an audiobook?

One credit = one audiobook. It’s that simple!

Do I need to be a subscriber to purchase an audiobook?

No, you can purchase audiobooks from our catalogue the same way you would purchase an eBook from Kobo.


Please Note: Not all books displayed on this site are available in the store. Please call the store if you are looking for a specific book.