Welcome to Wonderland Bookshop!

Welcome to Wonderland Bookshop!

 Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5


Readers of all ages will find treasures in our shop to

Read. Dream. Imagine.

Join us as we re-discover old favorites and discover new ones. Wonderland Bookshop is a welcoming space for all children, regardless of age or needs. If we can help to make your child feel more comfortable in our store, let us know. 

Did you know that you could buy a book for someone without leaving your house?

Giving a gift to someone near or far away has never been easier! You can buy an online gift code that your recipient can use now in our online store.

Recommended books for Ages 4 to 7

Recommended books for Ages 8 to 12

Recommended books for Ages 13 and up


Please Note: Not all books displayed on this site are available in the store. Please call the store if you are looking for a specific book.